The Ten Minute Rule

This simple rule will change your battle with the scale forever - guaranteed!

Eat to Not Overeat

Don't save your calories; learn to wisely budget them for real world food situations.

Weighing In On Weighing In

Does your scale drive your weight loss or does it just drive you crazy?

Exercise vs. Diet, What Works Better?

Maximize your weight-loss by understanding how each one impacts the scale.

Caloric Budget by Week, Not Day

Curious why a calorie budget should be by week and not by day?

You Are What You Speak

Is negative self-talk sabotaging your weight? If you make lifestyle changes because you love your body, they're more likely to stick!

Eat by Choice, Don't Restrict by Chance

Most diets fail. Discover all 4 elements to a properly structured nutrition plan so you can see those excess pounds finally fall off.

It's Not You, It's You

Why you may be getting in the way of your own weight loss...and what YOU can do about it!

The Hunger Games

Learn about the 4 primary challenges to weight loss and how you can overcome them.

Gray Matters

Dieting isn't black & white. Learn to live in the gray for maximum weight loss results.

To Eat or Not To Eat, That is the Question

Follow this 1 weight loss tip and we’ll guarantee you’ll sustain your hard-earned weight loss.

What We Do

Learn more about how Dr. Bo's Diet can help transform your life.